Have you heard the news? Taylor Swift totally slammed Harry Styles at this year's Grammy Awards. Oh, and the fun.'s mega-hit "We Are Young" won the much-coveted Song of the Year award!

This hit got more than its fair share of air-time in 2012, and guys? It's all thanks to Glee. The folks at Deadline recently pointed out that "We Are Young" was relatively unknown until the entire cast of Glee covered it in December 2011, making the song an instant chart-topper. So, did fun. thank the Gleek Squad for kicking their career into overdrive? Not so much –– but hey, they were probably too busy gawking at Rihanna's Grammy dress.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Video: New Directions and Troubletones Perform "We Are Young" in Glee Season 3, Episode 8, "Hold On to Sixteen" [WATCH]

Of course, we can't forget that Ryan Murphy doesn't like to "break bands." It's much more common for Glee to cover songs that are already established hits, which means their use of "We Are Young" and its subsequent popularity is even more noteworthy.

Do you think these kiddos and their amazing voices are partially responsible for the success of "We Are Young?" And more importantly, should they have been thanked at the Grammy Awards? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: Deadline