Credit: Curt Mega on Twitter Photo: Samuel Larsen with Warbler Curt Mega During Glee Regionals in Season 3, Episode 14: "Heart"

With Glee right in the middle of filming the Regionals episode, we keep getting more and more on-set teases and sneak peeks. This latest photo, however, has us particularly excited!

At about 1 PM on February 8, Curt Mega — the Warbler who sings “Uptown Girl” tweeted, “Look who I found! @samuellarsen :)”

Wait a minute. What is Samuel Larsen doing at Regionals? Could this mean that Joe Hart has joined the New Directions?

Hey, it would totally make sense. We know he sings a song with Sam (Chord Overstreet), Mercedes (Amber Riley) in the Valentine’s Day episode. Of course, Joe could simply be in the audience to help cheer on the teams, but we’d like to hope he’ll be joining the rest of them up on stage, instead!

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