Credit: via Grant Gustin's Twitter Photo: Grant Gustin Headshot

Now that Glee newbie Grant Gustin has made his debut as the devious Warbler named Sebastian, we MUST learn as much about the soon-to-be-mega-star as humanly possible. And naturally, we can’t help but wonder about the talented 21-year-old cutie's sexuality, especially since he’ll plays a gay character who is definitley making a play for Blaine (Darren Criss)’s heart. So which team does Grant play for?

Sorry to break the hearts of any smitten guys out there: but Grant is straight! The actor confirmed in an interview with, also set to run in the Chicago Tribune. "Nobody has ever asked me. I am not gay in real life. I don’t know if I’m supposed to elaborate more on that."

Credit: via Grant Gustin's Facebook page Photo: Grant Gustin on His First Day on Glee Set

That said, he does understand where there might be some confusion. "Well, people just kind of assume that I am for multiple reasons. I come from a musical theater background, and there’s kind of an assumption about that. And I’m playing a gay character, so people just kind of assume. … People have assumed my entire life. I don’t even think about it any more. "

But is Grant having fun playing a gay character on TV? "Oh, it is more than OK to be gay on TV."

Well, there you go. We'd been wondering about this question ever since Grant's first Glee episode back in November. Now we finally have an answer. 


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