Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Will Holly Holliday Dump Mr. Schuester?

It seemed a little strange that Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue) cancelled a number of his solo tour dates to head out with New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, but now maybe we know why he decided to call it quits: Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly Holliday) left him at the proverbial altar.

Gwynnie was supposed to feature on Matt’s tour, but decided to bail at the last second in order to avoid more romance rumors.

“Gwyneth thought it would be bad for her image to go off on a US tour,” a source revealed to Daily Mail. “She pulled out and Matthew has cancelled a number of his gigs.”

Not that Matt and Gwyneth are fully avoiding each other: He’s still coming to London in June — and he’s still planning on going out with the Glee guest star. Plus, the pair may perform together in the future.

Said Paltrow’s spokesperson: “There are no plans for her to tour with Matthew. There were requests for her to perform at a few events but nothing was ever confirmed.” Well okay then.

Source: Daily Mail

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