Credit: Danielle Levitt/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones in Glee Season 3

Are Shane and Mercedes (Amber Riley) already making "beautiful cocoa babies?" Based on what went down with Mercedes in Glee Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F” (upset stomach, dry heaves, lack of appetite, short fuse), we’re thinking they may very well be.

Why? Because in our super spoilery sneak peek of tonight’s ep, we revealed (Thanks, Kristin dos Santos!) that there’s “a Mercedes twist that changes the course of the season.”


No proof yet, but Amber Riley tweets:


"P.S. Mercedes is NOT pregnant lmbo! Ok bye"


Hmmm! That's just the sort of thing someone trying to deny that their character is pregnant would say!

AND, we know the "twist" is she joins Shelby's new crew! But isn't there room for BOTH to be true? Can't Mercedes have a career AND a child?

Looks like we have THREE WEEKS til the next episode, so plenty of time (ugh!) to wonder!


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