When you love a TV show as much a we love Glee, the thought of having to watch Glee’s last episode ever feels like too much to fathom, even if just hypothetically.

Practically every other week, it feels like someone on the internet is talking about how Glee has gone downhill since Season 1, and someone else is speculating that this season might be its last.

When Glee made the shift in Season 4 to juggle two locations both Ohio and New York City — many people were critical of whether or not the show would succeed in balancing both storylines (McKinley and NYADA). So does that mean that Glee is over after this year?

Don’t count on it! FOX has yet to officially renew any of its shows for 2013, but TV Line spoiler king Michael Ausiello says there is absolutely no way that FOX is cancelling Glee this year. “Um… no. The show will definitely be back for Season 5. No question,” he writes.

On top of that, show creator Ryan Murphy says that he feels like Glee has another four years in it, at least. So worry not, Gleeks. Rachel (Lea Michele) and Co. aren’t going away anytime soon.

Source: TV Line

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