If you hate spoilers, well... you should probably just stop watching Glee. Because not a day goes by when another spoiler doesn't pop up on the web! What was that Ryan Murphy was saying about trying to keep a lower profile?

Anyway, the latest comes as a confirmation to an earlier one. Jane Lynch spilled the beans that Matthew Morrison will indeed shave his head for the Britney Spears episode of Glee! "Matthew hasn't shaved his head yet," she teased to E! "But it's going to be gone... probably before the Emmys."

Ah! Say it ain't so! Well, as we reported — it might not be! A casting call has gone out for a Matthew Morrison lookalike who must be willing to shave his head on screen. Might this entire head shaving thing be part of the already spoiled hallucinations that will happen during the episode? Fingers crossed! We like Matt's hair!

Source: E!