Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Jane Lynch at the Glee Second Season Premiere Party
Wondering how Jane Lynch (Sue) thought she did on Saturday Night Live? Wonder no more!

"I loved playing the Phyllis Diller-type lady in 'Secret Word'," Lynch told Access Hollywood. "I love everything Kristen Wiig does, so to lock eyes with her in that scene and others was a peak experience."

Back on the set of Glee, Jane also announced that she's going to be performing again on the show this year. "Sue [Sylvester] will be singing a duet with her mother from a great American musical," Lynch said. "[I] won’t give you the name of the actress but here’s a hint: she was the star of The Carol Burnett Show." Yes, we all know: Carol Burnett is playing Sue's mother. This will be awesome.

Source: Digital Spy