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Glee’s Jane Lynch isn’t quite a taskmaster like her character Sue Sylvester is, but she’s still pretty tough to please! She tells Celebuzz that she “wasn’t 100% blown away” by any of the contestants on this season’s The Glee Project. Talk about harsh!

If you ask us, it’s tough to choose our favorite contestant since we like so many of them! But Jane who was a guest mentor on last week’s episode, “Fearlessness” didn’t feel the same way. She says, “I didn’t quite see a young Darren Criss in there, but you never know.” Well, sure everyone seems inadequate when compared to Darren Criss! The guy is basically perfect!

So did anyone catch Jane’s eye? Actually, Jane was impressed by Lily, saying that she was “wonderful.” And coming from Jane, we’re thinking that Lily should consider that to be the highest possible praise!

Jane also added that she’s glad that Sue will be a mother in Season 4. She says that the baby will now give Sue “someone she’s fighting for.” You mean, someone other than herself right, Jane?

Source: Celebuzz

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