Fans of manipulation, lies, and infuriating fake pregnancies, take note! Tonight's episode of Glee brings the return of Public Enemy No. 1, Terri Schuester. But don't worry: She's reformed now!

"She's pretty despondent over the loss of her marriage and you're going to see a more vulnerable side," actress Jessalyn Gilsig tells Zap2it about her character. And not only is she more vulnerable, but she also has a new man in her life. Sorta. 

"I haven't met my rebound dude," Gilsig says. "All I have is my friendship with Finn, which is really sweet, and that's kind of nice 'cause it's Terri reconnecting with [the past]. Because Finn is the age that Will was when she met him, she really sees Will in him and she feels very protective of that and sees it as an opportunity maybe to behave a little bit better." Awww!

Look for Jessalyn to sing with Cory Monteith and Mark Salling in tonight's episode. Hint: She does Beck's "Loser" with them!

Source: Zap2it