We all love to hate Terri Schuester, which is a problem since the woman who plays her — Jessalyn Gilsig — seems to be one of the nicest people in Hollywood! Jessalyn spoke to EW's Michael Ausiello about Terri and what we can expect from her this season — and it sounds great!

"I don't think you're going to love her, day one — but we're building," Jessalyn says. "She's going to build a life independent of Will, which will free her up from all that panic." Okay then! But how can she stay attached to the show? What's her tie to Glee? She won't say, but one thing it won't be is a relationship with Finn, as has been rumored. Good!

"I think there will always be people who love Terri. Those are the people who understand that Terri might not be nice, but she's right," Jessalyn says, before admitting that Terri will never be Emma. She's right about that!

Source: EW.com