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Are you dying to see Jonathan Groff return to Glee as Rachel’s (Lea Michele) talented-but-devious ex, Jesse St. James? You’re not alone. It turns out that Jonathan himself would “love to go back.” Let’s make it happen, Ryan Murphy!

Jonathan tells The Hollywood Reporter that, although he hasn’t yet heard from Glee about the possibility of returning for Season 4, he doesn’t typically get a lot of notice from the show.

“The last time it happened, they called me two weeks before,” he says. Then again, a guy as talented as Jonathan probably doesn’t need much prep time!

That said, Jonathan doesn’t exactly have much free time on his hands. The former Broadway star is staying busy: both co-starring on the TV drama Boss and performing in the play Red in Los Angeles.

So given his crazy schedule, what is it about Glee that keeps him wanting to come return? Jonathan said he loves the unpredictability of the show, which always seems to “ think of the craziest, most exciting things.” As he says, “Whatever they would think of, I’d be thrilled to do.” And we’d be thrilled to see him do it!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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