Credit: Norman Jean Roy/Details Photo: Matthew Morrison's Washboard Abs

According to comedian Jonah Hill, who stars in the upcoming Moneyball, Glee star Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) has been bullying him around Hollywood. Now, Matthew, that's not the New Directions, feel-good, born-this-way spirit!

"This dude from Glee calls me out!" Jonah revealed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, citing a Fox network event at which Matthew asked him if he ever stopped talking. Well, Jonah does seem to be the chatty type, so maybe it was fair?

But that's not all — Jonah claims he later snuck up on Matthew at another party, armed with a zinger, only to overhear the Glee teach cracking more jokes about him with Chace Crawford. WTF?

"Matthew Morrison, you better bring your sh*t next time, dude," Jonah warned. "I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one!"

We have to admit, though, we're pretty impressed Matthew is capable of shutting the funny guy up before he can whip out a joke. Are we the only ones who think this feud can only be resolved with a singing insult contest?

Source: US Magazine


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