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It looks like Jonathan Coulton may have gotten the last laugh in his feud with Glee.

The singer-songwriter was peeved to not receive credit from the show after they appeared to have borrowed his arrangement of “Baby Got Back” for last week’s “Sadie Hawkins” episode.

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch: Adam Sings "Baby Got Back" to Kurt in Glee Season 4, Episode 11: "Sadie Hawkins" (VIDEO)

However, Jonathan has released a new recording of the song to iTunes, and it’s outselling the Glee version of the song — not to mention outselling all of Glee’s other “Sadie Hawkins” songs as well.

"It's a cover of Glee's cover of my cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's song, which is to say it's EXACTLY THE SAME as my original version," Jonathan explained cheekily on his blog.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jonathan Coulton Sings Acoustic Version of "Baby Got Back" (VIDEO)

As of January 28, Jonathan’s version ranked at 103 on the iTunes chart, while the highest-ranking Glee song from the episode was “Locked Out of Heaven” at 124. Meanwhile, Glee’s spin on “Baby Got Back” was not even in the top 200. Take that!

And the good news is that all profits from Jonathan’s single will benefit the charities VH1 Save the Music Foundation and The It Gets Better Project. 

"Pleased that my for-charity single is doing so well!" Jonathan writes.

In other words, Jonathan’s fans are hooked and they can’t stop staring listening to his tune.

Source: Zap2It