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A Glee star is showing off more than just her pipes!

Kate Hudson, who plays Cassandra on Glee, is taking it all off for Glamour magazine.

The film star appears topless on the cover of the mag's latest issue, and we must say she looks as amazing as ever!

Credit: Glamour

"[Cassandra July] is such a wonderfully nasty character," Kate tells Glamour. "I have so much fun playing her."

"And singing and dancing makes me so happy," she adds. What a coincidence, since watching her sing and dance makes us happy.

We haven't seen Cassie on Glee lately, but with all this Brody drama  including that he might be an escort and might be Rachel's baby daddy  we 'd love to get her take on it all.

The big question: Did Cassandra pay Brody for sex? On second thought, maybe some things are better left unknown.

Source: Glamour via Us Weekly