Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images Photo: Kathy Griffin Stands For Gay Rights at "A Call To Action in D.C." Rally on March 18, 2011

The war of words continues between politician-cum-reality star Sarah Palin and comedienne-cum-Palin arch-nemisis Kathy Griffin — and we are not complaining.

As you may remember (then again, how could you forget), Ryan Murphy’s genius struck again when he cast Kathy Griffin to play a “Sarah Palin-type” character in tomorrow’s episode of Glee, “Orginal Song.”

Palin wasn’t too thrilled about this and — surprise! — Griffin could care less. During a visit to the Rachael Ray Show, Griffin likened the Palins to “political Lohans.”

She also facetiously offered Sarah and hubby Todd an “open invite” to one of her shows.

But if you think Kathy is worried that any of her scorned celeb targets will actually show up, think again. “Most of them don’t have the cojones to come see me.”

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