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Unfortunately, there’s still no official confirmation that Lea Michele (Rachel) and Cory Monteith (Finn) are dating. But oh how the anonymous insiders are talking!

Us Weekly reports that they have “multiple insiders” confirming that Lea and Cory have taken their relationship public.

"They've been hooking up for awhile," dishes one such source. But hooking up is one thing. Romantic Valentine’s Day dinners and snowy weekend getaways are another! So have things started to get more serious between the two? (She is reportedly “head over heels” for him, after all.)

"It's starting to seem a little more serious," the insider continues. Okay, so even if  — unlike their onscreen counterparts — Lea and Cory won’t be rushing to the altar any time soon. We’re totally okay with that. It’s just exciting to hear how happy they seem!

Source: Us Weekly

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