We don’t blame you if you’re already starting to panic that we have to wait a whole five weeks for the next new Glee episode. But you can take solace in knowing that Ryan Murphy’s other comedy, The New Normal, is about to start using doppelgangers of the Glee cast as a regular part of the show! Sounds like the next best thing, right?

The New Normal character Bryan is based loosely on Ryan Murphy, and so Bryan is the producer of a popular musical comedy TV show called Sing (get it?). We have yet to meet any of the “cast members” of Sing, but E! Online reveals that this will happen in Episode 8 — that’s just three weeks away —  and that they will be quite familiar to Glee fans.

The lead on Sing is played by a character named Clea, and she is being described as a “petite and attractive brunette.” The other lead on Sing is played by a character named Mike Madison, who is an “attractive 30-something actor.” And by now, you’ve probably realized that Clea is a stand-in for Lea Michele, and Mike Madison is Matthew Morrison. So very meta!

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see who they cast to play these parts! We’re also curious to see how much fun these characters will be poking fun at Lea and Matthew’s expense - although we’ve heard that Lea loves the idea of a Clea character. Way to be a good sport, Lea!

But what we’re really hoping for is that Sing will add an actor by the name of, say, “Aaron Griss.” (What can we say? We need as many Darren Criss lookalikes on TV as possible!)

Source: E! Online

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