Credit: Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) is so touched to be the new face of L’Oreal that she was actually tearing up when it came time to deliver the company’s signature tagline.

"When I shot my commercial in New York, [the producers] said, 'Okay, now look into the camera and say, “Because you're worth it,”'” Lea tells Teen Vogue. “Before I even said it, I burst into tears.”

Lea explains that the famous line really hit home how lucky she’s been. “I was like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I'm a part of this family now," she explains. “I am so grateful!"

We can only assume that making this L’Oreal ad was a bit more emotional for Lea than it was for Rachel to film that mattress commercial during Season 1 of Glee!

Source: Entertainmentwise