Is Lea Michele (Rachel) on a mission to become heartless?

Yes, but only when it comes to one of her tattoos. The Glee star visited a tattoo-removal clinic in Beverly Hills on Saturday and is in the process of removing a small red heart tattoo from her left middle finger, according to the Daily Mail.

Lea was spotted leaving the clinic with a bandage on that finger, and her younger cousin was with her for moral support.

This would be quite a change of “heart” for Lea, who has a whopping 14 tattoos on her body. In fact, Lea had been reportedly interested in getting matching tattoos with boyfriend Cory Monteith as recently as a few months ago, according to Hollywood Life.

Lea was apparently smiling and in good spirits after the painful procedure. Her other tattoos include a star on her left wrist and the word “Imagine” on her left foot, among (many!) others.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hollywood Life

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