Credit: Candies on Facebook Photo: Lea Michele Poses on a Fuzzy Pink Bed in a 2012 Candie’s Ad

The bright, fun colors. The hair. The makeup. And the clothes. Oh, the clothes! Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) takes fans behind the scenes of her Spring 2012 Candie’s campaign... and we can’t get enough.

In the teaser vid, Lea plays around on counter tops, lies seductively in a fluffy pink bed, and poses on some wacky zebra-print sun chairs with an adorable little co-star. Seriously, how cute is that little guy?

Plus, who is her favorite Candie’s girl from year’s past? “Brittany Spears: definitely favorite past Candie’s girl. Her campaign that she shot was gorgeous, and she’s just an icon. So when you pair her with the iconic brand of Candie’s, it was just, like, amazing.”

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Credit: Candie's on YouTube Photo: First Look! Lea Michele: Candie's Campaign Spring 2012 [VIDEO]