If you’re loving Rachel’s (Lea Michele) new look on Glee in Season 4, it sounds like you have creator Ryan Murphy to thank.

Lea tells People that Ryan is instrumental for “everything” involved in Rachel’s more stylish appearance, including even her shoes and eyeliner.

“It was Ryan’s idea to do this shift for Rachel, having her become a little more grown up, a little more New York,” she explains.

But speaking of eyeliner, that might be Lea’s least favorite part of her character’s new-and-improved look. “I’ve been trying to tone that down a little bit,” she says. “It’s a bitch to take off at night!”

What do you think of Rachel’s new-and-improved look? Are you loving it — super-glam eyeliner and all — or are you starting to feel nostalgic for the reindeer sweaters and and gold star cuteness of yore?

Source: People