Lea Michele is famous for showing off lots of leg and plenty of cleavage on the red carpet, and now her Glee character Rachel Berry has started doing the exact same thing — even when she’s just lounging around in her PJs!

On February 22, Lea tweeted a photo from on-set filming for Episode 17: "Guilty Pleasures." “Early mornings are fine when you get to work in your PJs :) ” she wrote.

When we wear our PJs, there’s a lot of fuzzy fabric and cute animal print involved. But Rachel’s PJ’s are so much sexier. Not only is her top unbuttoned dangerously low but for a second there, we almost thought she wasn’t even wearing any pants at all!

Upon closer examination, though, Rachel is in fact wearing PJ bottoms. They’re just about the shortest ones we’ve ever seen. And what’s up with those new hipster glasses of hers anyway?

Hey, Lea? Zooey Deschanel is calling. She wants her look back.

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter and Instagram