There have been so many rumors surrounding Lea Michele's love life that it's almost hard to keep them straight. Is she dating Matthew Morrison? Cory Monteith? Jonathan Groff (no, probably not)? Was she flirting with Jimmy Fallon the other night? Does she have a current Broadway-tied beau?

Well, one thing is clear: The rumors are just rumors. Lea told the Daily Mirror in the UK that she's just friends with her Glee castmates. "Every week I'm rumored to be dating a different Glee cast member and it is hysterical, but none of us are dating each other, I will say that much."

She also made a point to specifically say once again that she isn't dating Matthew, and that they're old buds from their days on Broadway. Fair enough. But what of her current bf? "Contrary to belief, guys are not blowing up my phone trying to date me at the moment. I am very happy, I'll say that, but I will never tell if I am dating someone." Oh Lea, stop being so modest! Guys are definitely blowing up your phone, Ke$ha-style. But since you're probably taken, it's best if you don't answer.

Source: Press Association