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Talk about a bunch of cliffhangers! When we last left Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) on Glee, she was staring at the time, eyes wide, waiting breathlessly for the results of her pregnancy test.
But that’s not the only drama in her life. Viewers also saw clues that Rachel’s boyfriend and possible baby daddy, Brody (Dean Geyer), might be a high-end prostitute!
Well, actress Lea Michele stopped by The View on March 6, and Barbara Walters made sure to ask about all the drama.

“Your new boyfriend, Brody, may be a male prostitute. You may or may not be pregnant,” Barbara said. “Are any of these things that I’ve just mentioned on the show true?”

“Yes,” Lea said. “One of the two things.”


So, either Brody is a male prostitute, or Rachel is pregnant, but not both. Lea declined to say much else, but she did add, “Its very interesting the way they play it out, and I think everybody will be happy.”


As much as we would love to see little Rachel babies running around, we don’t think getting pregnant makes sense at this point in Rachel’s life. We’d actually be happier if she’s not pregnant... but is that what Lea meant?


One more thing of note: TV Line recently said that Rachel will, in fact, be pregnant, at least in Episode 15. If that is the case, it sounds like Brody won’t end up being a prostitute after all.


Then again, what if Rachel ends up losing the baby later on? Then Brody could still turn out to be an escort. So. Many. Possibilities. We still don’t know for sure!


Credit: The View Photo: Lea Michele Talks Rachel’s Pregnancy on The View — March 6, 2013