It looks like Christmas came early for Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel)!

Lea has long considered Barbra Streisand to be one of her top celebrity idols and her character Rachel is a big fan of Babs’ as well. In fact, Lea and Chris Colfer were thrilled to get to see Barbra perform at the Hollywood Bowl last month, as Lea called it “the most amazing night.”

Now, Barbra has given Lea one more reason to love her. Lea went on Twitter to share the awesome gift that Barbra just sent to her:

How sweet of Barbra to send a signed poster to her biggest fan, with the inscription reading, “For Lea Would have like to give you a hug! Next time... xx Barbra.” Cute!

Come to think of it, we have we have a feeling plenty of people would be thrilled to have a signed poster of Lea for their rooms. Hint hint, Lea!

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter

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