Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Lea Michele Arrives at the American Horror Story Premiere in Los Angeles on October 3, 2011

So much for keeping Glee’s third season about “character, character, character.” Ryan Murphy has definitely made a concerted effort to head "back-to-basics" with the show before the seniors exit, but it looks like that phase is over, if his biggest star Lea Michele (Rachel) is to be belived.

"We really did take it back to basics, focusing on the main characters," she dished to Zap2It, but, "It's going to amp up again."

In fact, she teased that we've got four HUGE guest stars left to look forward to, who are apparently SO shocking that she threw a diva-worthy fit when she discovered them in the script.

"We have some big celebrities coming on the show," she gushed. "We have some shockers, some huge shocking stuff that when I read the script, I threw the script across the room."

One of those is presumably Ricky Martin, who will grace the halls of McKinley High as the new sultry Spanish teacher after the new year. And then she all but confirmed that Gloria Estefan was coming on as Santana's mom.

So that leaves two more juicy guest stars under wraps. Any ideas/pipe dreams? (Bill Clinton on saxophone for the New Directions? No? Just us?)

Source: Zap2It

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Credit: Photo: Video: Lea Michele Reveals Her Strange New Year's Eve Rituals on Leno, December 7, 2011 [PART 1]