For those of you who’ve complained that there was not enough Rachel (Lea Michele) in the first half of this season, don’t worry your pretty heads. Glee’s gold star will definitely have more visibility as we enter the second half of the season.

Even better than more Rachel is more drama. According to William Keck of TV Guide — who spoke with Lea herself — we can expect “something huge” to happen to the Divine Ms. Berry during the Valentine’s Day episode.

Given Ryan Murphy’s spoiler earlier today that someone on the show “might be preggers,” we have to admit our jaws hit the floor for a minute. However, Keck later tweeted, “I asked Lea this and she said No Pregnancy. I believe her.”

Well, if it’s not a pregnancy scare, what could that “something huge” be? Perhaps we have a Finchel reunion to look forward to? (Pretty please?!)

Source: William Keck’s Twitter