Credit: Janet Mayer/Splash News/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

It’s time for a Glee vs. Pretty Little Liars fashion showdown! The contenders: Diva-in-charge Lea Michele (Rachel) and queen bee Ashley Benson (Hanna). Now, lets talk about their sultry, slightly racy looks.

Move over, side-boob, your time in the spotlight is over. And don't even try, top-boob everyone is disgusted by you. That's right, guys, a new era of cleavage is upon us, otherwise known as The Boob Keyhole, a terrifying trend in Hollywood in which celebrities wear seemingly normal dresses until SURPRISE! Turns out there's a giant hole in their shirt for their boobs to pop out of.

Glee's resident fashionista, Lea, rocked this daring new look at Mohegan Sun's 15th Anniversary on October 22, 2011 (she wore a jumpsuit Luca Luca), while Pretty Little Liars' Ashley debuted her boob-opening on February 18 at the Paris premiere of her new movie with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, Spring Breakers (she wore Amit GT).

Both Lea and Ashley looked absolutely fabulous in these glamorous outfits (as do their lovely lady lumps), but who wore their cleave-tastic dress better?

Sigh, this basically comes down to the age-old battle between blondes and brunettes....can't we all just get along? Boob Keyholes for everyone!