Lea Michele is a sucker for romance, just like her Glee alter ego Rachel Berry. But if you think her idea of a romantic date with boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) involves a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, think again!

Lea is a huge animal rights activist and believes horse-drawn carriages are inhumane. "I can't express enough how unhappy these horses are and how much pain and suffering they go through each day,” the on-again/off-again vegan tells PETA’s official blog, The PETA Files.  Instead, Lea suggests that romance junkies take a walk instead of contributing to a horse’s suffering.

Lea and Cory won’t be recreating scenes from Sex and the City, what romantic agenda might they enjoy together? "My idea of the perfect romantic Valentine's Day is staying at home, cooking a yummy dinner, and watching a really scary movie," Lea says. Get thee to a Redbox, Cory!

Source: The PETA Files