Glee's triumphant fourth season has just wrapped up filming nooooo, an entire summer  of Glee-less doom is almost upon us! and that means superstar cast member Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) is free, free as a bird now.

This gal had a pretty rough start to 2013, Her boyfriend, Glee's Cory Monteith (Finn), entered rehab for substance addiction at the end of March. Given that, we’d say it's certainly time that she take the edge off and relax. And that's exactly what she's doing!

Now that Lea doesn't have early morning wake up calls for Glee, she can finally venture into the woods to become one with Mother Earth. Or something. "Tucked away in the mountains enjoying the fresh air, the sunshine and peace," Lea tweeted on April 21, adding "So enjoying this long weekend break in the mountains! Catching up on my sleep and getting lots of sun and watching movies! :)"

We're all about Lea chilling out with some forest animals, but let's hope this mountain retreat is secretly a resort. Because otherwise there's a strong possibility that girlfriend will turn into a lumberjack / feral woodland creature, and never return to Glee's heaving bosom.

All we know is this: If you spot Lea wearing undue amounts of plaid this summer, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Source: Twitter / Twitter