Much like the rest of America (and the world!), Glee's Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) was hooked to her TV during the 2013 Academy Awards. Because for some horrifying reason she wasn't invited. We know, we can't even. Clearly the producers were high on pizza fumes when they sent out invites.

Anyway, Lea made sure to watch the Oscars' red-carpet pre-show (after all, she's a professional fashionista!), and she was awed by Sally Field's gorgeous red gown! "Wow Sally Field looks so beautiful!" Lea tweeted on February 24th. "I also thinks she looks like my mom :)"

Shockingly, Lea is not referring to her on-screen Glee mother, Idina Menzel –– who Sally Field looks nothing like. However, we definitely do see the similarity between Sally and Lea's actual mom, Edith Sarfati! They have the same haircut, the same smiling eyes, and the same effortless beauty. Although, Edith hasn't had the pleasure of making out with Seth MacFarlane during the Oscars.

Do you think Lea's mom looks like Sally Field? Because we're seriously starting to think that Edith secretly starred in Mrs Doubtfire and no one bothered to tell us. What? It could be true.

Source: Twitter