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As much as we loved this week’s Glee Season 3, Episode 15: "Big Brother," we couldn’t help but notice that quite a few things just didn’t quite add up. How is it that every character honestly takes Cooper's (Matt Bomer) advice seriously? And what on earth happened to Dave Karofsky (Max Adler), anyway? Here are Glee’s top logic fails of Episode 15.

1. Quinn and Artie Won’t Be Able to Enjoy the Amusement Park.

Frankly, we were a little surprised to see Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Artie (Kevin McHale) so quick to skip out on the amusement park trip. Being in a wheelchair practically guarantees you an automatic spot at the front of every line. No extra effort required for a Disney FastPass! In addition, many of the tamer rides they’d encounter at the amusement park would have been much easier on Quinn’s back — and probably better for her spinal recovery — than all that plunging up and down she did on those steep skate park ramps.

2. No sign of Dave Karofsky. No mention of Dave Karofsky. Nothing.

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Umm, does Glee even remember that poor Dave tragically tried to commit suicide in the previous episode? That sort of an emotional storyline isn’t the sort of thing you just build up so carefully and then suddenly drop. Look we know that Max Adler has been busy jetting off to Hawaii to film a new TV pilot, then starting work on a new movie on the east coast. But couldn’t Glee have at least given us some sort of a verbal update on how Dave is doing? We just want to be sure he’s still okay!

3. If Her Injuries Become Permanent, Quinn Insists She Can’t Go to Yale.

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Really, Q? Last time we checked, being in a wheelchair didn’t disqualify you from being able to attend an Ivy League school. Even if Quinn’s injuries do end up being permanent, she can still get the heck out of Lima! Sure, she can’t do cheerleading at Yale, but we’re pretty sure they’d have absolutely no grounds of revoking her admission.

4. The Fact That Everyone Other Than Blaine Actually Takes Cooper Seriously.

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The New Directions are trained performers who have completed a national-level competition. Yet not one of them seemed to notice that Cooper’s performance advice was totally bogus. Pointing for dramatic emphasis? Totally ignoring your scene partner? Sounds great! They happily accepted every ridiculous tip without question.

Look, we understand that Cooper is attractive. Trust us, we do. But that shouldn’t have to make every brain cell in your head suddenly evaporate.

5. Darren Criss’s Back.


Those muscles defy all logic.

6. All The Juniors Got to Go on Senior Ditch Day.

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Didn’t Glee just cover this earlier in the year? Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Artie, and Blaine (Darren Criss) are all juniors. So why did all of them get to tag along on Senior Ditch Day? (Or talk about it like they were planning to, at least.) Even Rory (Damian McGinty) tagged along at the amusement park, and he’s only a sophomore.

And if underclassmen join in for Senior Ditch Day all the time, then why was Quinn so upset about missing the only Ditch Day she will ever get? It just doesn't add up.

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