Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kurt Gives Blaine a Bouquet of Roses During Glee Season 3, Episode 3: “Asian F”

As you may or may not have heard by now, Episode 5 of Glee this season, aptly entitled "The First Time," features not one but TWO McKinley High couples losing their V-Cards to one another. Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) will do the deed and so will KURT (Chris Colfer) AND BLAINE (Darren Criss) OH MY GOD ARE YOU PUMPED CAUSE WE'RE PUMPED. Ahem.

But Kurt and Blaine's encounter is apparently less romantic than one would hope, at least on the first attempt. According to reports from fans who watched the scene filming, Kurt and Blaine use fake IDs to get into a gay bar on drag night. The major kicker? McKinley High’s reformed (and closeted) bully Karofsky (Max Adler) is there, too! Klaine stumble out after some time, and start fooling around in the car, but Kurt puts on the brakes, which we think is for the best. Sebastian (Grant Gustin), the new gay Warbler who goes after Blaine, is also at the bar. Sounds like Lima, Ohio has a pretty hoppin' gay scene after all? 

Insiders had already spilled to TV Line that "Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming."

And Chris appreciates the acting challenge that a possible threat to Klaine's relationship posed. "When I first read it, I was a little disappointed because I was like, ‘Why does nobody love me?’,” the actor dished to Inquirer.net. “But, you get to see Kurt in a very territorial light, which is a lot of fun for me. I’m just happy that there’s finally some conflict with them, because they’ve been in a puppy-dog love state for a while."

No dish on Rachel and Finn's story, yet, but this will be the episode in which West Side Story is performed, so, we're betting some sort of opening night congratulatory de-flowering occurs. We'll keep you posted.

"The First Time" airs November 8th.

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