Credit: Justin Lubin/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kurt and Blaine Have a Heart-to-Heart in Season 2, Episode 9:

Remember when Chris Colfer said Klaine would probably ride blissfully into the Glee Season 3 sunset (more or less) because, well, “[t]hey really don’t have [many] other options”?

Insert: an option! TV Line just revealed that theater actor Grant Gustin — who cryptically tweeted about his first day on set yesterday — will play Sebastian, “a gay Dalton Academy Warbler.”

Credit: via Grant Gustin's Twitter Photo: Grant Gustin Headshot

Cute, huh? That is, until the new Season 3 arrival turns Kurt rival when he starts crushin’ on Blaine — feelings he doesn’t intend to hide. (Basically, a male version of Santana.)

Normally we wouldn’t be worried but...between the school play pitting the two lovebirds against each other in tonight’s “I Am Unicorn” episode and the potential grade issue, we’ve got a sinking feeling Ryan Murphy is setting us up for heartbreak. Just which one of the two will be doing the heart-breaking remains to be seen...

And, seriously, what are we going to call this relationship? Slaine?  Blabastion?  Yuck!

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