Hoo boy! At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards over the weekend — congrats on your win, NPH!E!'s Kristin Dos Santos got to the bottom of a whole bunch of Glee scoop. And thank goodness, because this stuff sounds amazing!

For starters, we hope you like Kristin Chenoweth (April) and John Stamos... because Ryan Murphy is developing entire series around them! Both Kristin and John (who Murphy calls "sex on a stick") will get their own Murphy-produced shows and they will involve singing. How are we going to find room on our DVR for all this awesomeness?

Murphy also revealed the security around the filming of the Britney Spears episode was so tight, even he had trouble getting on the set. Wow! But maybe he should have kept a little closer eye on Britney herself — she spilled some scoop of her own!

He also reiterated that Rachel and Finn are together for the duration — but not Emma and Will. Damn you, Uncle Jesse!

Source: E!