Credit: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images Photo: Matthew Morrison Gets Formal for the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington on December 4, 2010
Glee star Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester) can now be called Golden Globe nominee Matthew Morrison, but right now maybe you should just call him tired.

"Why do they have to announce these things at 5:30 in the morning?" Morrison joked to USA Today.

That early wake-up call aside, Morrison is pleased with his show's five nominations because it's a testament to the behind-the-scenes crew. "TV really is a writer's medium, and they are just so amazingly consistent," he said of the writers. "They allow us to continue to live up to the public's high expectations."

Speaking of which: the Super Bowl episode. Any deets, Matt? "We're doing our Super Bowl show now, and it will be a wild and crazy episode." Oh, really? "I can tell you that it will have, let's see, football, zombies... and Michael Jackson could be involved." We can't wait!

Source: USA Today