Credit: Getty Images Photo: News Anchors Diane Sawyner, Brian Williams and Katie Couric

We already know about the growing love affair between Diane Sawyer and Glee, and now its sounding like the ABC news anchor might be appearing on the hit show.

According to Page Six, Glee star Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue) is wearing a "Team Diane" shirt around the set and even invited her on the show.

All of this is great news for ABC, which capitalized on the appearance by Katie Couric on the hit show.  An ABC insider told Page Six, "Katie did the show, but Diane is getting all of the attention.” ABC rep Jeffrey Schneider said, “There's enough Glee to go around. We loved Katie's appearance and this is only about having a little fun with the irresistible Sue Sylvester.”

For her part, Couric isn’t that pleased. Her rep responded with a pointed, “Seriously?” Sorry, Katie!

Source: NYP

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