Not only was Chris Colfer (Kurt) busy celebrating his 22 birthday over the weekend, but the cute Glee star also happened to make a new friend along the way. And a pretty awesome new friend, at that!

On May 28, Chris tweeted a photo of himself holding a llama puppet. A big, white, incredibly fuzzy llama puppet.

“Look what I found!!!” he wrote. Chris’s first photo shows new pals started off by making funny faces together out in the sunshine.

In another photo, the pals have moved on to taking a car drive with the windows rolled down. Chris is wearing some slick shades, while the llama eagerly leans his head out the window to feel the wind blowing through his hair.

Llamas do have hair, right? We’re pretty sure it’s not considered fur. Either way, Kurt’s little Margaret Thatcher Dog better watch her back — she just got some seriously cute competition!

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