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Then there were six. Then there were five. Then there were... three?!

In a shocking twist during Tuesday’s The Glee Project Season 2, Episode 10: “Actability,” Ryan Murphy and Co. decided to send two contenders home instead of just one. So, not only was showstopping singer Lily Mae Harrington sent packing, but Chicago cutie Michael Weisman got the boot, as well.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Michael and Lily Mae dish on their eliminations — and what their plans are now that they’re off the show. Lily tells EW that, although she knows her strong opinions and ever-confident attitude may have rubbed some people the wrong way, she’s not going to change who she is.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

“I would absolutely not take any word back that I have ever said on that show, ever. The words that I said were always honest and I meant them,” she says. “ I’m not going to give a sugar-coated answer — when I’m asked what I thought, I’m going to give exactly what I think. I’m not going to hide that from anybody else. ”

Meanwhile, Michael gushes about learning “so much” from his mentoring session with guest mentor Dianna Agron (Quinn), and even adds a bit of insight into that cute little notepad he was writing in the whole time. “I just felt like it was a good use of my time to take notes. It’s not very often you get to sit down with a Glee star and have them mentor you,” Michael says.

“I [asked,] ‘Can I take notes?’ and they were like, ‘Yes, you better!’ It was really funny. It helped. I was paying more attention when I took notes.” Aw, the elimination happened less than a day ago, and we’re missing everybody’s favorite little math geek already!

Now, Michael and Lily both already know who ends up winning the competition. But before they return for the finale, which of the final three are they hoping will win? Lily, it turns out, was totally Team Aylin. “I think she has the most original storyline, and I think people need to be educated about Muslim culture and Islam in America,” Lily says.

Michael, however, is sticking with his Peanut Butter Brothers alliance. “I was closest with Blake, of the three, so I was pulling for him. But Ali and Aylin both had incredible stories, and I could see them all on Glee. It was tricky; I had no idea.”

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Even though neither Michael or Lily made it to the end, that’s not going to keep them from both moving out to Los Angeles to continue going after their dreams. Lily will be moving in with Aylin, while Michael has decided to get an apartment on his own!

Lily says that while some people might be interested in going after a recording contract, her ultimate goal is to end up on Broadway. And Michael? He’s looking forward to getting plenty of time to play his guitar.

“I’d love to pursue acting on TV and anything else that comes along, but my heart and my passion lies with music and guitar,” he says. “So hopefully I’ll be collaborating with some of the Glee Project contenders.”

Interesting. Well, we can already think of a few contenders he might be able to collaborate with. And when we say “a few,” what we really mean is Nellie and Blake. They are both living in L.A., too!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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