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Wonders never cease when it comes to the guest-casting on Glee!

In addition to news that Gloria Estefan is being courted to play Santana’s mother in an upcoming January episode ― in what we assume involves the continuation of her coming out storyline (hopefully with better results than that disastrous run-in with her abuela a couple weeks ago) ― EW is reporting that producers are looking to have none other than rapper Pitbull play her older brother!

Though Estefan’s guest spot was originally slated to appear in the same episode as Ricky Martin’s stint as the new Spanish teacher, it’s been moved to accommodate a potential... wait for it... “giant family musical number.”

Sounds like the stuff our Glee dreams are made of!

Also in the casting mix ― producers are on the hunt for Rachel’s daddios! The duo is supposed to make their long-awaited debut before the end of season 3 as Rachel’s time at McKinley High comes to a close. Something tells us there might be a musical number in the mix here, too...

First things first, though: What song would you like to see the super-musical family Lopez perform?

Source: EW


**UPDATE!** Pitbull’s Glee Season 3 Role Confirmed — and It’s Not as Santana’s Brother

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