Credit: Dianna Agron on Twitter Photo: Dianna Agron Visits Designer Chris Benz in New York City in August 2011

“You might wonder, what is www.YOUME&”

That’s how Dianna Agron (Quinn) starts off her introduction to her new site, For any of you who follow the Glee starlet on Tumblr (or Twitter), you know the blog's header includes the “Charlie” moniker. You also know that she’s kind of the anti-Lea Michele/Rachel Berry, singing the praises (and mourning the loss) of artists like the White Stripes over Barbra Streisand.

Now, officially expanding her blog into a full-blown site on Friday, December 16, Dianna encourages her readers and fans to “share this space as an art collective.”  With interests ranging from artwork (categorized quirkily as “Mona Liza”) movies (“Just Reeling”) and even, ahem, men (“Fellas”)... visitors are sure to find something they can connect with, or some strange world to explore (with Dianna steering the ship).

Contributors are also welcome so meet up at “Charlie” to connect with the adorable actress.


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