Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) might be on the outs at the moment on Glee, but Heather and Naya have never looked cuter together!

The two Glee stars were both glammed-out and gorgeous at the SAG Awards on January 27, and they were clearly enjoying each other’s company. Case in point: Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) tweeted this pic of them with big smiles on their faces, along with the message, “I spy some cuties.” Cuties, indeed!

Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) also tweeted a pic of herself with Heather and Naya, and Heather can be seen resting her head on Naya’s with a silly look on her face. It appears these two can crack us up even when they’re not delivering hilarious dialogue.

If only their characters were currently as adorable together as the two actresses are.

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