Credit: Photo via Matthew Hodgson's Twitter Photo: Naya Rivera Kisses Heather Morris's Cheek on the Set of Glee on January 17, 2012

With all these photo teases we’ve been getting from on set, there better be some awesome Brittana scenes in Glee’s upcoming Valentine’s Day episode.

On January 17, Glee writer Matthew Hodgson tweeted this photo of Naya Rivera (Santana) planting a big wet one on Heather Morris’s (Brittany) cheek. “Love is in the air,” he wrote.

Please, oh please, oh please let this be rehearsal for an actual Glee scene... not just a bit of on-set fun. Don’t get us wrong: We LOVE silly behind-the-scenes pics. We’re just really hoping we get to see some actual Brittana lovin’ sometime soon!

Also: When did they start making candy hearts that say “Teen Lesbians”? Or is that something that has to be custom ordered?

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