It's a well-established fact that Glee's Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) is a self-declared Pretty Little Liars fangirl (um, join the club), and you'll never guess who she ran into during The PaleyFest Icon Awards honoring Ryan Murphy!

That would be Pretty Little Liars' one and only Detective Wilden aka the terrifying Rosewood policeman who (spoiler alert!) may or may not have gotten Ali pregnant shortly before her death. Also known as the dude Hannah's mom ran over with a car a few weeks ago.

Naya was beyond excited to run into Detective Wilden (who also goes by his real-life name, Bryce Johnson), so naturally she made him pose for a photo in which she and her besties are doing to classic PLL "shhhhhh" face. Basically, they all look like a bunch of sexy librarians.

"At the Paley center honors for@MrRPMurphy and look who these little liars ran into..." Naya tweeted on February 28th. "#fantasyleague."

Credit: Twitter

In case you're confused by Naya's cryptic tweet, she's part of a Pretty Little Liars fantasy league in which she and her besties each represent a little liar and get points whenever said liar is targeted by A. And yesNaya is obviously Emily — as though she'd be anyone else! 

The real question? Did Naya learn who A is from Detective Wilden — er, Bryce Johnson? Clearly this nefarious gent is guarding all kinds of secrets, so hopefully Naya gave him the third degree! 

Source: Twitter