On Saturday, January 12, the sexy and talented Naya Rivera (Santana) celebrated her 26th birthday, and her Glee co-stars were quick to take to Twitter to share their congrats.

At around 10:30pm on the night before her birthday, Naya tweeted, “Birthday celebration well under way! #ihavethebestfriends

Just hours later, Dianna Agron (Quinn) wrote, “This goes out to a lovely lady. Happy 26th Birthday my darling @NayaRivera, I so so so wish I could have been there!

Amber Riley (Mercedes) later tweeted, “@NayaRivera happy birthday! Love you missy!

Grant Gustin (Sebastian) wrote, “@NayaRivera happy birthday Nayaaaaa!!

Glee writer Matthew Hodgson, a close friend of Naya’s who she might be dating, tweeted, “Happy Birthday to the beautiful @NayaRivera #HappyTwentySnixNaya

Naya wrote, “Thank you all so much for the birthday messages! I love you!” (What a coincidence. We totally love her, too.)