Could Glee's Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) be more fabulous? Not only does she sing, dance, and look amazing while binge-eating life-sized M&Ms, girlfriend moonlights as a model!

Well, kinda. Naya recently shot a cover story for Canada's Glow Magazine, and guys? She looked drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, we're even more in love with her than we were five minutes ago.

"Thanks so much @danielmackinnon & the Glow Mag team! Today was so much fun," Naya posted to Instagram during her shoot on April 7th.

All we have to say is three little words: va va voom! This lady looks amazing all bronzed up in a tropical green shorts suit, and her hair looks so beachy! Oh, and Naya also took the time to post a quick video announcing that she's on Vine (thank goodness, now we can sleep at night), and even gave fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of her photoshoot.

Yep, that's Naya wrapped in a robe, getting her glam on. "Getting camera ready" she posted to Instagram along with the sneak peek picture. "Cover shoot for @GlowCanada today."

We can't wait to see Naya's shoot! Although, judging from these pics it'll be nothing short of fabulous.

Source: Instagram / Vine / Instagram