Uh... wow. Just days after Big Sean confirmed that he’s officially dating Glee star Naya Rivera (Santana), the rapper was caught in a very compromising position with a stripper.

The NSFW photo — posted on Instagram on April 18 (via theybf.com) — shows Sean getting very hands on with a scantily clad stripper at a private party. (One thing to note: Because theybf.com does not link to the original Instagram photo, we don’t know for sure when it was taken. It’s possible that the pic may have been snapped before Naya and Sean started dating.)

Look, we realize that Sean has a certain image that he needs to maintain, but for a guy who couldn’t stop singing his girlfriend’s praises just a couple days ago, this doesn’t seem like a good sign.

“I'm kinda a private person and she's a private person,” Big Sean told WKYS’ Urban Informer about new girl Naya.

That’s the thing about Instagram, we guess. Suddenly, it gets hard to keep anything private.

We don't want to jump to conclusions, especially since the exact date of the photo can't be confirmed. Still, it does make you wonder...

Source: theybf.com, Instagram