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Naya Rivera (Santana) says she’s all about enjoying the single life right now — going on dates and hanging out with cute boys — but then she pops up in Hawaii for a bikini romp with the same guy she made out with in Vegas this January. He’s also the same guy she was spotted holding hands with on the Glee set as recently as April.

Naya and Glee writer Matthew Hodgson won’t confirm they’re dating, but we’d say the evidence is certainly starting to pile up.

Credit: MAP/Splash News

On June 13, photographers spotted the pair walking around outside in Hawaii in swimsuits. The UK’s Daily Mail has the pictures, which you can see here. Naya, who wore a sexy black bikini that showed off some bangin’ curves, also had a fruity island drink in hand. Matt had his hair slicked back and wore tropical-print swim trunks.

No PDA. No handholding. Nothing like that! Just Naya walking around near the beach and looking ridiculously hot in a bikini.

Oh, how we love the summer.

Source: UK Daily Mail

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