Just in case you didn’t already realize how hilarious, charming, and all-around perfect Neil Patrick Harris is... this happened.

On April 25, the
How I Met Your Mother star joined Instagram, and he’s already graced fans with three different playful and adorable that make him a total must-follow right out the gate.


His first photo, posted on Thursday, is taken from the front seat of a horse-drawn carriage. The horse appears to be plodding along slowly, and he’s surrounded by little more than dirt, cows, and an old farmhouse. “Took a drive today. It took a while.” Neil wrote.

After starting things off with a funny post, the onetime Glee guest star then followed up with a more personal post — a photo of his adorable two-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper. The tow-headed tots are seen holding hands while at a local playground, and they’re each wearing some super-cute rain boots. (Pink for her, monkeys for him!)

On Sunday, he posted a goofy photo of he and his fiance, David Burtka, at their friends’ murder mystery wedding. Sherlock Holmes, anyone? Both guys were decked out in full plaid attire complete with hats, a pipe, and even a fake moustache.

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